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mengyuan Feb 28
This designer garden feature not only provides a source of heat, but a friendly atmosphere that will draw in your guests.   
To make our corten steel bbq , we use nothing but the finest quality materials– the result being a maintenance-free grill that is weather resistant and able to prepare food for up to 50 people in just one hour.    Serve up juicy steak, crunchy vegetables, or delicate fish fillets… the choice is yours!    COR-TEN is an alloy steel with a ruby-colored patina.    Originally, it was mainly used in ship-building because of its resistance to wet and saline environments.    Thanks to this feature, you needn’t worry about leaving your grill out in the rain, frost, or snow.   
It will always look as good as new!   
The use of quality materials and workmanship make the AHL grill a product for a lifetime.   
This significantly reduces the waste generated by conventional disposable products with a short life.

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